Change your thoughts,
Change your life…

The ripple effect is so powerful!


Based in Montreal, I offer Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Psychotherapy. More importantly, an opportunity to face challenges and overcome adversity. An opportunity to make positive lasting changes.



FOCUS & CHANGE INTERNATIONAL is a new venture – an integration of more than 40 years of experience, professional development and learning geared to help you make significant changes in your life.


Bring things into awareness.  Open pathways that allows you to shift thinking and clear what blocks you.Breakthrough the barriers that get in your way.  Learn how Perception is Projection and how to create a more positive life with greater happiness and satisfaction!

Dina Knellar-Gold Focus+Change

Dina Kneller-Gold
MSW, Psychotherapist,
Master Life Coach, Hypnotherapist

FOCUS + CHANGE is about:

  • Pursuit of personal excellence
  • Moving forward
  • Learning new strategies and shifting perspectives
  • Facing fears that get in the way
  • Taking time to reflect how the past and present relate to the future
  • Taking time to assess, develop to increase quality of life
  • Taking control of your life

TOGETHER, we will explore:

  • How to reconnect to yourself and others
  • How to balance Work, Love and Play more than ever before
  • How you affect your environment, your planet
  • How you affect your health and well-being emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • How you affect your relationships personally and professionally
  • How you affect your productivity at work and work satisfaction

You can live life with better health, more joy and greater success!!


“I am doing great and am moving forward… Dina, you really helped me get through some hard times.Thank you.”  – Carlo  Join the many people that I’ve worked with …….


UPCOMING WORKSHOP: I Want To Be Free To Be Me: From The Inside Out.


Are You The A Woman- Need to be ‘ON’ All the Time? Treat Yourself – Take Time- Have Fun-  Create Choices And Find Your Inner Beauty! An exciting workshop June 6- 9AM-4PM


Krasner Hypnosis Training 

Approved by the: American Board of Hypnotherapy

“Dina is a fun, dynamic, knowledgeable and flexible presenter.  The Hypnotherapy Training was not only theoretical but lots of practice so we can start using the material right away.”-Janice Tester, Psychologist, Argyle Institute

Pendulum Workshop 

 A Conversation With Your Unconscious Mind!  Discover the Unknown! 

“It was a really cool experience.  I came in as a skeptic and learned that the power of the unconscious mind reaches far beyond I could have imagined.”-S.  L.

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  • Individual Life Coaching sessions
  • Individual, Couple
  • Family Therapy
  • Skype and phone sessions,

30-minute complimentary consultation.

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